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Download The V C GUI Framework for free. A very easy to use GUI C framework for Windows and NIX systems. Supports WIN32 API on Windows platforms, and Athena and Motif X. What is CGUI? CGUI is a library that provides you with a set of C-functions to create GUI applications, i.e. windows and window controls like buttons, check-boxes, menus, input boxes etc. The API of CGUI is a set of C-functions, which makes it usable in both C and C applications. There are also bindings to. V - The Easiest Way to Write C GUI Applications V is a free, multiple platform C graphical user interface framework designed to make it the easiest way to write C GUI applications available -- commercial, shareware, or freeware.

A good start would be to learn an existing GUI framework. wxWidgets Cross-Platform GUI Library and Qt Qt Project are both cross-platform GUI frameworks that are worth learning from of these two, wx is simpler but much less capable. The major. 15/08/2014 · That's true, GTK is not a simple GUI framework. However, I agree with Elkvis that it may be your best bet, due its enormous popularity actually, I believe it is the only decent GUI framework for C. If you are on Linux, setting it up is just a breeze. For example, on Ubuntu to setup the GTK2 devel goes something like this. The Goal and the goals of nana. The Goal: to be a C standard-like GUI library. That is. By putting it short and clear specially the "standard-" part all the.

There are several different ways to do this - 1. Platform specific - they work very well for the platform that they are tied to - 2. 1. MFC - feature rich, easy to bypass and go straight to the Win32 API when you need it. Only works on Windows. 2. Latest News wxWidgets 3.1.3 Released. Posted on October 28, 2019. wxWidgets 3.1.3 release is now available on GitHub. You will find there archives with the library sources and documentation as well as binaries for the selected Windows compilers such as Microsoft Visual C and MinGW-w64. 16/08/2014 · After experimenting with various GUI toolkits I came to an impression that all GUI in C suck very bad, to name few: Qt, has most futures but it uses non standard stuff that doesn't look like C at all, and you need to use ugly macros and invoke various external tools to make things work.

IUPis a multi-platform toolkit for building graphical user interfaces. It offers a simple API in three basic languages: C, Lua and LED. IUP's purpose is to allow a program source code to be compiled in different systems without any modification.

I think you confuse "UI Toolkit" and "GUI framework". AWT, Swing and SWT are UI toolkits but I would certainly not call them "frameworks". Frameworks are based upon a given UI toolkit and provide the glue to build your application. First, you should choose the UI toolkit and then choose a framework.

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