Sida Acuta Babesia -

I've been taking sida acuta since mid-July as part of Buhner's full Babesia and Bartonella protocols. I herxed quite a bit when I first started and just got up to the full 1/2 tsp TID dose this week. While I can't credit any specific herb, I am improving. Sida acuta. Lat. Sid Acuta Sida acuta has antimicrobial properties against Babesia, Bartonella and Mycoplasma. It strengthens the immune system and raises the level of erythrocytes and leukocytes in the blood. Sida acuta also protects the red blood cells from damage caused by microorganisms.

Sida acuta Common Wireweed has several important properties including being anti-malarial, anti-protazoal, anti-bacterial and fever-reducing. It is used to treat malaria world-wide. In tick-borne illness, it is used to treat Babesia, often in combination with Cryptolepis. 03/10/2013 · Buhner now no longer recommends Artemisia for Babesia, and only Sida Acuta. This is because Sida tends to work much better than Art without the risk of liver issues. Plus, everything this herb does - I totally understand why he is favoring it! When taking Sida acuta, the feeling of tiredness and the symptoms caused by co-infections may increase. In this case, reduce the dose, then the symptoms should subside. Contraindications: Sida acuta cannot be used by pregnant women and during lactation. You can buy Sida acuta here. 09/04/2012 · I have had an acute form of Babesia since January and tried everything. I am now on your combo crypto.sida.alchornea. I had taken cypto for six weeks before and the symptoms diminshed but did not go altogether.

Sida Acuta. This is basically a weed, and it’s beautiful. It’s called “wireweed.” It’s commonly taken as a liquid dropper, in combination with cryptolepis drops and a third herbal extract called “ Alchornea Cordifolia ” for the treatment of Babesia all 3 are liquid droppers making it easy to adjust dose.
18/12/2012 · For babesia plus use buhners sida Acuta and Japanese knotweed. I swear they work My bacteria load is so low that when I ran out of sida Acuta my babesia symptoms came back. This herb works I swear by it. The problem with lyme patients is that they stack so many Supplements that you don't know what works. I can tell you sida Acuta is the real. Sida acuta tincture from Woodland Essence or julie@ ¼ tsp 3x day for 30 days Hawthorn tincture, same Japanese knotweed, tincture, same dose from same sources as Sida acuta, above, or capsules from Green Dragon Botanicals 2 capsules 3x daily EGCG 400mg - daily.

Hi GR – I used a combo of cryptolepis and sida acuta. I got them from Woodland Essence. You can check with them about tincture strength. I used these for 5 weeks straight. I really don’t know what the shortest/longest time frames are effective. I was told at the time that people were treating for several months for babesia. Babesia Herbs. Sida Acuta– 1/4 tsp 40 drops 3 x per day. Cryptolepis– 1/4 tsp 40 drops 3 x per day. I took these for 5 weeks straight. I decided to stop, as I was developing a yeast problem and my stools had become very small and infrequent.

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